Fabulous Every Time.

Most of us dream of a superbly inviting bed, that haven of blissfulness waiting for us at the end of a long and stressful day. An island of serenity where we can recharge and relax. A serene oasis crafted from the most supple and sumptuous fabrics on the planet. You’ve imagined this nirvana bed before. Many times. But does it exist? Can it be created in your own home?  Will such bedding dreams cost you as much as a small island in the Seychelles?  Yes …. yes …. and no …. Now take a deep breath — light a wonderfully aromatic Archipelago candle (Luna is my personal favorite), let out an ommmmmmmm, and read on.

Every day at Urban Threads we create blissfully beautiful bedrooms, some spicy, some sweet. All utterly amazing. We consider ourselves experts in the field of fine linens and beautiful bedroom stories.  Want to know how we do it? Here’s one if our many secrets. We know the market and stay informed. We travel to market 5 times a year looking for new and beautiful pieces to bring to you. We know what’s hot… and what’s not so hot, what’s trending — and what’s stale and oh so 1991. And we always, always know what’s on Oprah’s list. So stay tuned for more on that ….

Have you ever wondered, what is all the fuss about thread count?  Or, Is Egyptian cotton truly amazing? Or, I’m stumped, what is the difference between a percale and sateen sheet?  Well wonder no more.  All the answers shall be revealed (just like an episode of Lost).  You’re speaking our language. The language of linens in which we are fluent. Here’s our second secret — we know our product. Like, really, really well. Your beautiful bedroom has got to do more than just be beautiful. It should perform for you. And we can help with that because we understand our product that well.  We know what to do if you sleep hot, or if you sleep cold. We even know what to do if you wake up with those weird sheet lines on your face (try satin, silk or bamboo pillow cases)

We carry dozens of bedding lines. Why? Because we like variety. It’s the spice of life. It allows us to be more creative with our bedding designs. Having a variety of products gives us more tools in our bag of design tricks. And that’s our last secret. We stay creative. With the singular purpose of creating bedroom retreats that meet our customer’s needs and spark their imaginations.

Do I have a favorite product? Does a mother have a favorite child?  Of course, I do. This month I’m crazy for … Chunky, textural pillows. Totally obsessed with these gems. We have big squares and long lumbars in the store.  Chunky wool with fringe and tassels. Cable knits and rugged rug remnants. Gorgeous colors and palette friendly neutrals. Great for both the boudoir as well as the family room. They’ve been flying out the door. So, get ‘em while they’re still around.

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